Sentimental Journey

A Sentimental Journey

Wrapped up in a velvet box with a bow and tagged “magical” is that ‘special place’ so many of us store in our memories.  It’s the place visited during childhood one summer, or where we fell in love, got married or spent a honeymoon.  It’s the site that triggered the deepest of life’s revelations or hosted that crazy-best-ever-friends-getaway-weekend.   Inevitably, we want to return, and as a Travel Consultant, the “Sentimental Journey” is one of the most challenging trips to plan.  It’s not that it’s “good” or “bad”. It’s just that from the onset, a sentimental journey has an enormous propensity for failure.  

How do you meet the expectations of someone wanting to re-create the exact memory of an experience?  I would say it’s impossible, largely because people change and this affects their connection to the destination.  My job is to understand the sources of their happiness and to create a trip that safeguards their dreams.   I encourage my clients to focus on the possibility of change by planning a new exploration of the same place.   Find another romantic restaurant in the city, enjoy the sunrise from a different viewpoint, try a new Hotel, this time bring the kids and the dog!  Create new memorable moments that resonate the quality of your experience and then get another velvet box…