Top 5 things to include in your Hawaiian Vacation Planning

Accept the offer for the ABC Stores Reward Card.  At the first purchase, you probably won’t think you’ll meet the targeted $100 to qualify for a reward but you’ll be back, and you’ll exceed that amount by the next day! You might as well earn the free mug or t-shirt, so do not throw away your receipt for those inflatable water toys.

If you’re planning a visit to Pearl Harbor and hoping to get on that boat that takes you to the USS Arizona Memorial, reserve your tickets as soon as they become available two months prior to your dates.

While you’re making early reservations, book a Luau.  You’re in Hawaii for heaven’s sake!! Choose one that offers authentic Hawaiian dishes and try to reserve early for good seating.  We enjoyed the luau experience at Old Lahaina in Maui; the pre-show is very entertaining for the kids.

Check the weather forecast before attempting the self-drive to the summit of Haleakalā.  We did not and found ourselves on a 3-hour mystical journey to the clouds.

If you’ve got 5,000 American Airlines Frequent Flyer miles and you don’t know what to do with them, you can book a 1-way flight on Hawaiian Airlines (code-share partner) from Honolulu to Maui (subject to availability).  It’s a fantastic deal.

If you’re flying from the East Coast, go ahead and schedule tours and activities for early in the morning.  You may think you’ll sleep in on vacation but that 6-hour time difference will have you wide awake at 5:30 AM and asleep in your dinner plate by 9.00 PM for the first few days.  Cancel the clubbing unless you are terrific at the power nap!

Brad Good

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