Taking a break in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

My children are making me pay dearly for a trip to see snow in March.  How ironic!  While many are looking to head someplace warm for Spring Break, we’re going to leave sunny Florida for Jackson Hole, Wyoming “because Mom, it’s time!” As their Travel Advisor, not only am I working pro bono to create the ultimate snow experience for them, but I’m bankrolling the project as well!  In their fantasies, the snow is soft and perfect for sledding, snow angels, snowballs fights, and learning to ski.  Nowhere in their subconscious does the temperature factor and that’s what makes it great to work with children.  All of their expectations about a trip are fun!
Why did I choose Jackson Hole when I could have paid a quick visit to any of my relatives in Canada or along the Northeastern Coast where snow lies on the ground in abundance?  I’ve never been to Wyoming and I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Tetons.  Also, I like the idea of a stylish, cowboy town with a resort as opposed to a big city where logistics for the activities would likely be more complicated.   So far I’m considering a couple of days of ski school for the young (strapping smooth planks to the bottom of my feet is just asking for trouble), snow tubing, a winter wildlife safari to spot black bears, moose and antelope, a sleigh ride and a visit to the National Elk Refuge.  My son has insisted that some time must be spent in a hot tub sipping hot chocolate and looking up at the stars!  Where does he get this stuff? 

Brad Good

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