Ready, set, PLAN!

My husband has two travel goals.  The first is for us to go on a vacation with hand luggage only.  The second is for our family to take a cross-country trip in a Recreational Vehicle.  Since my travel dreams are quite a bit more grandiose and involve trains with 1920’s themed nights and masted luxury ships, I feel a tad guilty that his relatively meager targets will probably never be achieved.   It is impossible for me to pack for anything other than an overnight stay in hand luggage.  I am simply not organized enough and unwilling to wear my clothing inside out when they become dirty, and what about my shoes?  Also, I am not appreciative of long car rides and that Robin Williams movie "RV" did not sell me on the experience.  I only laughed because it wasn't happening to me.  Why am I telling you all this?  It is time to plan summer vacations!   Get all those going with you to sit down and hash it out.  As a mother and wife, I wear my most patient facial expression during this discussion, and as a Matriarch and someone with above-average levels of sanity, I know I will begin most of my sentences with, "Yes…I can see why that might be appealing … but NO!"  While I know that my vote is really going to count in this process with my family, I do genuinely want to learn if there are any new and reasonable desires for the vacation.  On more than one occasion, my children have surprised me with some very good ideas and they are very excited to be included in the planning.  Establish a budget, common objectives for the trip (and try to make them fun), and select a destination.  If you need help, call me.  I have some wonderful summer offers like a 5-night Ritz Carlton Kapalua, Hawaii Resort Stay at club level with a $500 resort credit and a $375 Air Credit with Island Paradise Luxury.  If you don't want the expense or hassle of a flight, "staycations" can be entertaining and fabulous.  If you seek adventure travel, I do have an "RV" rental catalogue in my house.  Who knows how it got here?

Brad Good

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