Is it worth it to stay on-site at a Disney Hotel when visiting Walt Disney World?

Clients ask this question quite a bit.  Let me start by recognizing that everyone’s perception of “value” and what’s “worth it” varies depending on individual tastes and requirements.  For me, and my family, I would have to say a resounding “yes”, especially for a first visit.  It’s exciting, fun and completely enhances the Disney experience.

When I finally mustered enough fortitude and savings to take my twins to Disney World for the first time, they were nearly 4 and I chose the Boardwalk Inn.  I was able to get an attractive rate for a Club Room and I knew the Hotel was within walking distance to the gates of Epcot so I could easily access that Park whenever we needed.  We would set off in the early morning, have a Character Breakfast (ideal for photo opportunities with favorite characters and autograph book signings), spend a few hours on the rides and return to the Hotel to have lunch, swim, relax and allow the “cranky” to have a nap.  In the late afternoon, we would return to the Parks for dinner and fireworks or shows.  This schedule still works extremely well for my family and the kids are 9. 

I am a huge fan of the Hotel Club-Level Experience.  This is a room category in some Hotels with private access to a Club Lounge offering food and beverage presentations throughout the day, all complimentary with your room rate.  Some include a Club Concierge, fee-free business services, health club access and internet access.  When travelling with young children the Club can be an indispensible value.  If your child wants a glass of milk, some fruit, a cookie, a PB&J sandwich, these are all typical fare in a Club Lounge, especially at Disney.  For the adults, there are breakfast options, salads, sandwiches, pastries, bottled water, tea and coffee.  Some Club Rooms, like the one at Boardwalk Inn, have evening cordials, a selection of cheeses and a special dessert.

Disney offers a range of accommodation to their guests staying at the Walt Disney World Resort – Value, Moderate, Deluxe, Deluxe Villas and Campgrounds.  Here are the remarkable benefits (please note that not all of them are available for guests choosing to stay at the Swan and Dolphin Hotels):

Complimentary Parking & Transportation:
 Enjoy complimentary parking and transportation throughout Walt Disney World® Resort, giving you the flexibility to come and go from the parks as you please (valid park admission required) - and complimentary transportation to and from Orlando International Airport via Disney's Magical Express.

Extra Magic Hours: 
Each day, one of the parks offers extended hours, so you can enjoy select attractions and spend more quality time together. Valid Theme Park ticket and Resort ID required.  (This is a wonderful benefit and extremely useful when trying to secure those early morning Character Breakfast events or a spot on the “favorite” ride)

 With a Magic Your Way vacation package, you have the power to create a vacation that fits your family, your taste and your budget! And with over 20 unique Disney Resort hotels with themes ranging from movies to beaches, you just can't go wrong!

Unique Entertainment: 
From hotels where you can splash down a pool slide to hotels where you can watch a movie under the stars, you're sure to find something fun for everyone to enjoy!

From the day you arrive until the day you check out, you'll experience incredible Disney service no matter where in the "world" you turn!

I’ve been to Disney World more times than I would care to reveal but let me say this…on your Parent’s dime it’s the best experience ever, so tell your children to enjoy it while they can!

Brad Good

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