Four Seasons Orlando – an oasis of family fun!

A genius idea at Four Seasons Orlando: At check-in, the children are each given a "Passport to Adventure" that includes a scavenger hunt. They must get stamps from various outlets around this vast property. Once all of the stamps have been collected, they receive tokens that can be exchanged for a free scoop of delicious gelato from "Lickety Split". I'm fairly certain that Four Seasons has clued into the fact that the children will then take off as soon as they arrive on a desperate tour of the Resort with parents in tow. We spent our first hour after arrival at 7 PM, collecting these prized stamps but only allowed the children to cash in on the reward the next day. What? Don't judge unless you've tried spending the night in a hotel room with sugared up children at bedtime. Want to add more sweet treats to your stay? Call me. I'll give you the goods.

Brad Good

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