Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, the Club Lounge Experience

My love for a Ritz-Carlton Club lounge is no secret! Once you've experienced it, you won't ever want to live without it. Ritz-Carlton Tokyo's Club Lounge is outstanding.   Located on the 53rdFloor, in the tallest hotel building in Tokyo, guests are treated to stunning panoramic views of the city, and Mount Fuji.  The team gently and discreetly whispers into ear pieces that the Guest has arrived or needs a refill. The moment you are seated, someone appears with your tea, dressed just the way you like it. The Chef remembers that your daughter likes Nutella with her waffles and ketchup with her eggs. Your husband's favorite smoothie magically appears. Your son's preferred seat is kept empty until he shows up. After your stay, the breakfast experience at home is just savage, in comparison! The Club Lounge offers a private check-in service and a dedicated Concierge.   Do not miss the amazing afternoon tea!


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Family Travel to Peru - Privately Guided by Abercrombie & Kent

When I travel with my children, I am more conservative in my approach to the itinerary. Seamless transitions are important; convenience and flexibility are most valued components; and keeping the youngest travelers safe, engaged and entertained are the priorities. Traveling with A&K Peru was amazing. Our Guides were knowledgeable and fun. Fidel, with whom we spent most of our trip, offered various historical viewpoints of the main sites so we could really consider what we were seeing and experiencing as opposed to absorbing historical records. When we needed to stop and rest, we did. When we needed a restaurant recommendation or a great shopping tip, it was readily available. In addition to the Guides, we had a "Guardian Angel" in each city who met us at the airports with the Drivers and assisted with check-ins, printed boarding passes and were available 24 hours a day. I don't think we could have explored this beautiful country in any better hands. When planning a "bucket list" trip, make sure the "handles" of that bucket are built with true quality to protect your dreams and your investment. 

Free breakfast daily

Belmond Maroma, before the breakfast orders arrived.

Belmond Maroma, before the breakfast orders arrived.

I am not a morning person, yet every morning of my hard earned vacation, I will haul myself out of bed at an earlier hour than I can process, to go to breakfast. I am not even usually a breakfast person, but there’s something about breakfast on vacation that enhances the whole experience. Perhaps it’s that I didn’t have to cook it, or clean it up, but it’s one of the memorable features of my trip. If a Hotel is only offering up a continental breakfast, I'm disappointed. In my opinion, “full breakfast for 2 daily” is one of the best amenities offered by our Virtuoso and Preferred partners. It’s not just that I adore the option of having truffle-parmesan potatoes and sliders at 9AM. Or, dessert for breakfast. This complimentary addition to my reservation offers a tremendous value, often ranging from $60-$70 per day. Leaving the hotel early and bummed about missing the perk? It might be included as a room service option. On the morning of a very early checkout from Four Seasons Whistler, I called up Room Service the evening before and requested breakfast at the crack of dawn. The friendly team member who took the order offered to pack breakfast to go for us, and it was all covered by the Preferred Partner daily credit. Don’t leave value on the table!